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OfficialDB.com was established with a prime focus on democratizing public data. We believe it should be free and everyone should have access to this resource. We have grown to become one of the largest and most credible public data search platforms on the web. Our purpose is to deliver seamless access to premier public data, empowering individuals to enhance their lives and contribute to a better world.

Our team at OfficialDB.com is devoted to unlocking the universe of public data for everyone, without any cost. We amalgamate thousands of resources to offer you a single, searchable online portal. Public data mirrors our society, including information documented by local and national governments. Our public information search encompasses people search, property records, vehicle records, patents, business registrations, presidential records, and campaign contributions. This resource serves as a vital tool for students, journalists, data aficionados, and researchers in unravelling queries about our world.

The data we curate originates from an array of comprehensive, sector-specific national agencies like The Small Business Association (SBA), which discloses details of loans granted to businesses, and The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which releases business inspections and violation reports. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is another notable contributor, providing campaign finance data, including contributions and other legal resources.

Our team comprises a diverse array of passionate data scientists, collaborating to delve deeper into the essence of data. We ensure that our links are precise and current, so users can effortlessly access the information they seek. Our work has been recognized in numerous media outlets and publications, fortifying our reputation as one of the most dependable resources for government information online.

Values and Mission

OfficialDB's mission is to provide straightforward and cost-effective access to public record information.

Given that OfficialDB can deliver extensive information from various sources, we understand the importance of accuracy in ensuring our services remain invaluable to users who rely on our platform.

Our core values consist of innovation, excellence, transparency, collaboration, and a strong customer orientation.

We hold a firm belief in absolute client confidentiality. Our platform doesn't require user registration, ensuring that your search remains private and confidential.

Editorial Principles

Here are the fundamental principles that steer our people search services and the content we present on our website to assist our clients.


All information provided by OfficialDB is sourced from open, public databases and records that have not been manipulated or altered in any way. This guarantees our customers that the data they receive is absolutely authentic and identical to what is found in the public database.

The databases utilized by OfficialDB are legitimate and authorized, backed by a thorough privacy policy to ensure that the information is accessed strictly for lawful purposes. We gather data from publicly accessible records, consolidating them into a simple, straightforward search process for our users.


All articles published on our website are penned by independent experts and subsequently fact-checked by our editorial team. These articles offer unbiased information about our services and aim to elucidate the search processes, benefits, and features of the OfficialDB search engine.

Our writers maintain complete objectivity, providing information to facilitate our clients and not to influence them in any manner.


The data we provide mirrors what's found in the public databases and is consistently updated to assure its accuracy. There might be instances where the database hasn't yet reflected recent changes, but such instances are uncommon.

OfficialDB invests considerable effort to ensure that the information disseminated is as accurate and current as possible. Any reported errors in the data are swiftly communicated to the database holders and rectified once the mistake is validated.


Our platform, services, and writers uphold the highest standards of independence, and we are not swayed by any entity, whether governmental or private.

We do not disclose information about our clients or their searches to any third party, and we have no direct financial interest in the content of the information we provide.

We adhere to strict ethical standards and ensure compliance with all applicable local and federal laws.

Editorial Process

Each search guide and review posted on OfficialDB is written and scrutinized by our seasoned team of tech experts with an extensive industry background.

Our editorial team conducts comprehensive topic research and routinely reviews already published content to ensure it remains accurate, relevant, and responsive to our readers' needs.

If any factual errors are identified, we transparently acknowledge them. If updates are made solely to improve clarity and precision in language, and the content remains factually correct, an editor's note may not necessarily indicate such updates.

Bottom Line

OfficialDB stands as one of the most trustworthy and precise online search engines. It offers confidential and account-free access to any publicly held information. Our searches are fast and precise, thanks to the depth of OfficialDB's database.

OfficialDB's value-oriented procedures assure search results that are objective and authentic, fully independent, and free from any external influence.

OfficialDB is here to serve you

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Available Types of Public Data

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    Records Search

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    Voter Registration

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    Property Registration

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    Corporate Registration

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    Campaign Contributions

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    Registered Agents

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    White House Visitors

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    Vehicle Sales Records

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    Public Salary Data

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    US Customs Data

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    Public Directory Listings

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    Financial Cases

Do's - Permissible Uses

  • Reconnect with a Lost Acquaintance

    Use our search engine to reconnect with a person from your past.

  • Personal Audit

    Stay aware of the information that is publicly available about you for your peace-of-mind.

  • About your Neighborhood

    Stay informed about the people in your vicinity.

Don'ts - Prohibited Uses

  • Employee Screening

    You cannot use our reports for employment screening of any kind.

  • Stalking or Spying

    Avoid any form of harassment, stalking, or unwelcome contact.

  • Identity Theft

    It is unlawful to use our service to collect information for illegal activities.


Discover what our satisfied users have to say about us

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  • img"I have been trying for several years to find a high school friend. OfficialDB.com made it easy to reconnect with him."


    Brandon Little

  • img"OfficialDB.com was an invaluable resource for planning our 20-year reunion party. I found contact information for most of my graduating class."


    Chris Maxwell

  • img"Dating online, I have been searching for a site that lets me access public data without a monthly membership fee. I finally found it with OfficialDB.com."


    Allison White

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does OfficialDB.com cost?

    As part of our mission to make public data universally accessible, OfficialDB.com will always remain completely free.

  • Who can use OfficialDB.com?

    Anyone can leverage OfficialDB.com for searching and finding public data. Our users range from researchers to online daters and those seeking old college buddies.

  • What kind of data can I find?

    You can access a wide range of public information, including people search, marketing data, property records, vehicle records, court records, patents, business registrations, domain name registrations, and White House visitation records.

  • How secure is my personal information when using OfficialDB.com?

    We take your privacy seriously. All searches conducted on our platform are confidential, and we have implemented robust security measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your personal information.

  • Can I use this data for purposes as described in the FCRA?

    OfficialDB.com must not be used for employment screening, tenant screening, credit checks, insurance eligibility, scholarship qualifications, or any other purpose outlined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • How frequently is the data on OfficialDB.com updated?

    We update our data regularly in an effort to maintain the most current and accurate information. However, the frequency of updates can vary depending on the specific type of data.

  • Can I remove my personal data from OfficialDB.com? If so, how?

    Yes, if you find your personal data on our site and wish to have it removed, please use the simple "opt-out" feature provided on the page displaying your information.

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Optimizing Your Search Strategy

In instances where precise details about the individual you're seeking are lacking, the following search methodologies may help

Exploring Multiple Name Variations

If you're in search of a long-lost friend and only remember a part of their name, don't despair. Experiment with different potential combinations of the name as you remember it. This method often proves successful. However, if you're still unable to locate them, don't hesitate to reach out to officialDB customer service for further assistance.

Prior Residential Addresses

You may only possess an address as your point of reference, rather than a name. OfficialDB allows you to input such details to locate any individuals who may be associated with the given address. Rest assured, our search parameters are robust, so the data doesn't need to be current. Simply input the full address in our Reverse Address Lookup section. Despite potential changes, such as a person having moved years ago or an inactive phone number, these pieces of information are typically still tied to one or more individuals.

Searching Via Family Members

If you're limited in the amount of information you have about the individual in question, another effective route can be searching for their family members via officialDB. This method may yield useful insights that lead you closer to the person you're trying to locate.

Reverse Phone Lookup

OfficialDB offers a free reverse phone number lookup tool. By simply entering a phone number, you can uncover information such as the phone owner's full name, address, and more. Whether you've missed a call, received a text from an unknown number, or wish to investigate an unrecognized incoming call, our free reverse phone lookup tool can assist. It's a handy resource for anyone aiming to perform a reverse phone lookup for mobile, private, or business phone numbers.

Conducting In-Person Research

If you find yourself bereft of any substantial information, it may be beneficial to conduct some in-person research to gather preliminary data. Subsequently, you can leverage the power of officialDB to gain a comprehensive understanding of the person in question.